PICK MALDIVES is an initiative which acts as a B2C destination marketing platform that has successfully released PICK MALDIVES: Photobook 2018 in Berlin at ITB travel exhibition by the Ambassador of Maldives to Germany, with the second edition launched at ITB 2019 by the Honorable Minister of Tourism Mr Ali Waheed. The photobook considered as a luxury souvenir of Maldives consists of 'photo features' of tourist properties in Maldives, with limited number of advertisements placed on either sides of the photobook.

Set in a special sleeve, this special photobook prepared at souvenir quality, is delivered to corporate VIPs, journalists, celebrities and bloggers worldwide via the most trusted courier service in the world, and this is considered as the main and PREMIUM distribution of the photobook.

More potential visitors are gifted with the photobook in over 20 countries worldwide through PICK MALDIVES Ambassadors in the selected countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

A limited amount of copies are also distributed at Major Travel Exhibitions such as ITB, ATM and WTM, on public open days.

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